Episode 3: Virtual Learning 2020

We have to add in more humor and joy to all our lessons. Now more than ever. -Jon Hinthorne

This intriguing episode explores the 4 main “ingredients” that Jon Hinthorne, host of An Unconventional Teacher, includes in his teaching while in this virtual learning setting:

1) Authentic Student Connection 

2) Humor and Joy

3) Modeling Directions and Guidelines &

4) Physical Engagement

COVID-19 has suddenly left our nation’s schools in a completely unprecedented situation of having to teach our students virtually. With little to no training and planning to do so, teachers are banding together to “build the road as we travel down it.” We have all had to figure out how to convert our curriculum to be either 100% digital or 50% digital for those teachers teaching in a hybrid model. 

Jon explores the most important learnings so far in this incredibly new and difficult teaching environment. These learnings will continue with him as an educator for the rest of his career and beyond! What you hear in this episode might surprise you! 

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