Episode 12: An Interview with Rachel Freeman (SPED Teacher)

“When I say flush the format, I really mean it’s not just one teacher in a classroom on an island all day long. It’s this constant flow of information and energy through all of the modalities that we teach. And I think that’s really where the magic happens.” – Rachel Freeman

Episode 12 of An Unconventional Teacher features a truly unconventional special education teacher and entrepreneur, Rachel Freemen. Rachel is a dual certified special education and elementary education teacher with a masters degree in curriculum and instruction. She also has a certificate in trauma informed practices for children and adolescents.

She strives to create meaningful educational experiences for students with trauma histories.

She is the owner of Safe Space Teaching whose motto is: “Equal parts Do and Feel.”

She has worked in fully inclusive classrooms and self-contained environments. Rachel’s current role is as the special education teacher for a behavioral and emotional support program for students with trauma and behavioral difficulties. Her passion is creating a safe space where all students feel comfortable to take risks. Rachel loves connecting with other teachers and supporting their paths to incorporating trauma supportive care into their classrooms.

Episode Highlights

1) Rachel shares how she is inspired by including her students and their families as they work to support each of them.

2) Rachel shares how she throws out the old playbook in the SPED world and ushers in a holistic approach to things.

3) Rachel tells an inspirational story where she advocated for a student’s needs and did it in contention with a fellow teacher at her school.

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