Episode 13: An Interview with Aquaus Kelley

“Acknowledge and appreciate not only who we are, but also who we are capable of being.” – Aquaus Kelley

Episode 13 of An Unconventional Teacher features an incredible educator, human, and entrepreneur, Aquaus (Uh Kway Us) Kelly. Instagram: @aquaus 

Aquaus strives to create authentic and meaningful learning experiences with his 5th grade students and community at the Roosevelt Elementary School in New Brunswick, New Jersey. 

Beyond teaching, Uh Kway Us is the Founder of A Lovers Ambition Lifestyle Group that focuses on brand development and social change agency as well as the Founder of We Love Hub City, a community engagement initiative aimed at promoting positivity through curating local culture and lifestyle to bridge the gab between business, community culture, education and government for his home city of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

What strikes us most about Aquaus is his authenticity both as a person, educator, and entrepreneur.

His YouTube channel and other social media is full of creativity and proof that taking risks in the classroom pays off in the end!

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