Episode 14: An Interview with Jamie Carota

Jamie Carota - Middle School Science Educator at Don Callejon K-8 School in Santa Clara, CA

The host of An Unconventional Teacher, Jon Hinthorne, sits down with middle school science educator, curriculum writer, and department head, Jamie Carota. Jamie comes from a family of educators and teaches at the Don Callejon K-8 School in Santa Clara, CA. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience related to teaching science, assessment, and helping other educators think in more equitable terms in relation to their grading systems. 

Jon and Jamie also discuss the exciting and innovative methods that make her an unconventional teacher. 

>Jamie shares that she demands that each student turn in at least something, because with something they can move forward together. 

>She encourages them to revise their work and tells them that their first attempt is not and should not be their last. 

>She also connects in meaningful ways with each of her students by writing each of them a note around the holidays telling them individualized things on what she appreciates about them. 

This episode is not one to miss and is definitely worth a listen! 

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Episode Highlight Quotes:

“I’m really passionate about giving kids opportunities, and multiple opportunities. I try to pull myself, my ego, my biases, out of the way of their learning or growing.”

“I feel like I’m working against years of someone telling them (students) there is only one right answer, or you are defined by your grade, or they’re going to be punished for taking a risk….” 

“The first try doesn’t mean that it’s the only try.” 

– Jamie Carota

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