Episode 15: An Interview with Kristen Wolf aka La Loba Lista

Kristen Wolf, aka “La Loba Lista”, sits down with the host of An Unconventional Teacher to explore how she became such an unconventional educator and why it matters so much to ditch the traditional ways and usher in newer, more exciting, and enriching ways to learn and teach. Kristen teaches at an incredible school called the Bozeman Field School in Bozeman, Montana. 

Kristen is a dynamic educator and presenter. Her background as a Montessori & Spanish teacher has led her to understand the process of language acquisition and human development in profound ways. Kristen thrives when creating a community with her classes. La Loba Lista’s (the ready/ clever Wolf) teaching style is engaging, holistic and supported by language acquisition research.  

Kristen recently earned the distinction of Montana Language Teacher of the Year in 2019, as decided by the Montana Association of Language Teachers (MALT). Currently, Kristen loves working with high schoolers at Bozeman Field School in an experiential based program; training teachers with CI Liftoff; teaching elementary age and adult students and supporting language coaches at the World Language Initiative- MT, where she is the founding teacher. She has recently been elected to represent Montana in the PNCFL (Pacific NW Council for Languages) and is now a member of the MALT board.  She encourages you to come participate in or observe a class, online or in person. Recently published EdSurge Article.

Episode Highlights: 

1) Kristen shares how she did not fit the typical student mold herself and often was bored and misunderstood as a student. 

2) She shares how she connects her experiences as a student to empower her and propel her as an educator now to pay it forward and be/do better. 

3) She tells an inspiring story of connecting with a very difficult student and receiving a heartfelt appreciation email after connecting with him and showing him the world of languages and other cultures can be amazing.

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