Episode 20: An Interview with Gahmya Drummond-Bey – “The World’s Teacher”

“…we all learn better through a lens of joy.” – Gahmya Drummond-Bey

Season 1 of An Unconventional Teacher comes to an incredible finish with this inspiring and motivating interview with Gahmya Drummond-Bey, “The World’s Teacher”. 

Gahmya is an award-winning curriculum writer and learning expert who has taught in over 30 countries and helped to redesign curriculum in over 20 countries. She has been a nominee for the Global Teacher Prize three times, speaks 5 languages, and is an international selling author. 

Oh, did we mention this is her 3rd pandemic in her career? 

After serving in the Peace Corps in Turkmenistan, Gahmya moved to South Korea to learn from her students how to teach. This was her graduate program, she says. Quickly, Gahmya found her problem to solve: education around the world. 

Currently, she is based in Malaysia right now, continually dedicating herself to “spreading healthy transformative education to kids and teens around the world” (https://www.evolvedteacher.com/my-vision). 

Here are a few more links to Gahmya’s incredible work:

Evolved Teacher (Founder & CEO) 

Ted Talk: “Teaching Kids to Find Their Mission”

Ted Talk: “How has hunger motivated her toward her purpose?”

Kid Youniversity (Founder and CEO)

Affirmations for kids

Children’s Book: “The Life of Ideas” (Author)

Episode Highlight Quotes:

“If I would put 8+ years into being a doctor, why not do that into being a great teacher?!”

“There is something that we all bring that we all bring in different cultures all around the globe that could be so amazing if we can put them together.”

“Children naturally love to learn; so it’s all about the way that you approach it.”

“…we all learn better through a lens of joy.”

“Teachers…Invest in yourself….When you feel happy and fulfilled, that definitely emanates throughout the spaces and throughout your classroom as well.”

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