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In November 2020, Jon Hinthorne (Spanish Teacher at Central Coast New Tech High School in Nipomo, California) launched Season 1 of this pay-if-forward project to unify and amplify the voices of unapologetically unconventional educators. Project Mission: We at An Unconventional Teacher aim to uncover why it is that the unconventional ways of yesterday are now becoming the conventional ways of today. We encourage you to join our growing community on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as well as on our blog and weekly podcast (new episodes every Tuesday). 

Be unconventional!  

Notable guests on upcoming episodes on the podcast: 

1) Lynette Stant ~ 2020 Arizona Teacher of the Year (1st indigenous woman to earn that honor) 

2) Kevin Dua ~ 2017 Massachusetts History Teacher of the Year (1st African American to do so) 

3) CherylAnne Amendola ~ 2017 New Jersey History Teacher of the Year & founder/host of The Teaching History Her Way Podcast 

4) Kelsie Brook Eckert ~ 2017 New Hampshire History Teacher of the Year & founder/host of “The Remedial Herstory Project: the other 50%” 

5) Nicole Naditz ~ 2015 ACFTL National World Language Teacher of the Year, PBS 2016-2017 LearningMedia Digital Innovator, and 2013 CLTA Teacher of the Year 

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